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CRB Hikes Radio’s Streaming Rates; Judges Reject NAB Push To Charge Less For Simulcasts.

The Copyright Royalty Board has announced its long-awaited decision about how much radio stations will pay in streaming royalties for 2021 to 2025. The ruling in the so-called Web V proceeding will mean broadcasters will likely pay more as the CRB hiked the current rate 17% from the current $0.18 for every 100 songs streamed on on-subscription advertising-supported webcasts to $0.21.

The CRB judges also rejected an attempt by the National Association of Broadcasters to create a two-tier system, with streams that simulcast over-the-air radio stations paying a lesser rate. It is unclear how seriously the judges took the proposal. The complete decision will not be released for several weeks, and the outline made public late Friday made no mention of the NAB proposal, which had suggested that over-the-air stations pay a rate of $0.08 for every 100 songs streamed.

The increase means that station will need to “true up” on their royalties and pay any increases back to the first of the year.


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