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FCC’s Public File System Experiences Difficulties, Raises Concerns

It’s unfortunate timing, as the FCC requires broadcasters to file required political order data as soon as possible

Just as political ad spending is hitting all-time highs — political ad tracking firm AdImpact says preliminary data shows political ad spending hit $2.14 billion in October — the FCC says some radio broadcasters had issues last week uploading their time orders to the commission’s online public inspection file system.

The timing of the online public inspection file issues is dubious for broadcasters since the FCC requires them to file the required political order data as soon as possible.

“The request and disposition must be placed in the file as soon as possible, which the commission has determined is immediately absent extraordinary circumstances,” according to the FCC public file guideline. “The reconciliation information need not be placed in the file immediately but the broadcaster must identify a person or persons at the station capable of informing an advertiser of the details of any reconciliation information.”

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