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  1. HB 1132  – Virtual Enrollment (Rep. Pyle w/support from DPI) – Allow military connected students to virtual start or complete a semester when they are forced to re-locate due to their parents military directed re-assignment Scheduled next week.
  2. SB 2205 – Psychologist Compact (Sen. Roers) – allow military spouses to provides services when forced to re-locate due military members military directed re-assignment
  3. HB 1109 – Define Armed Services & Uniformed Services (Rep. Cory w/support from NDDVA) – update to definition to include Space Force. Hearing scheduled for 12JAN23 with House Gov & VA. We are working some amendments to this bill. DO PASS 12-0-1
  4. BILL DRAFTED BUT NOT FILED – (Sen. Lee)  (new from TF MIND in OCT and recent coordination with HHS) Family Child Care License Exemption – Allow military spouses to be licensed in ND using their DoD Child Care Certification


  1. BILL DRAFTED BUT NOT FILED – State Tax Exemption for all military members military pay (Sen. Meyer)
  2. HB 1182– Veteran Funeral Honors Stipend (Rep. Ruby w/support from NDDVA) – Provide a $50 stipend to Veteran Service Organizations that provide honors at military funerals. Scheduled next week.
  3. HB 1193– State Military Leave policy (Rep. Pyle) – allow National Guard and Reserve members to use state leave for drill weekends and other military activities that do not generate military orders. Scheduled next week.
  4. BILL DRAFTED BUT NOT FILED – Eligibility of certain NG members to reside at the State Veterans Home (Rep. Hanson w/support from NDDVA) – allow certain NG members that do not qualify as Veterans but have service connected injuries.

NDNG Policy

  1. SB 2016 – The Office of the Adjutant General Budget – The budget bill includes major construction requests for Dickinson, Camp Grafton, and the Military Museum. It also includes funding for facilities maintenance, upgrades to emergency radios for state emergency response, Presented to Senate Approps this week, expect hearing with Gov Ops Div 25-27JAN23.
  2. SB 2094– State tuition assistance expansion – Allow STA to be used by members of the NDNG outside of North Dakota. Hearing held on 05JAN23 with Senate Ag & VA – Scheduled next week with approps cmte
  3. HB 1069– State Active Duty – Enhance pay, incentive pay, and authorize rest and recover. Hearing scheduled for 12JAN23 – House Gov & VA DO PASS 12-0-1 referred to approps