Outreach Coordination for Lifeline Components for North Dakota

Darin Hanson, Critical Infrasturcture Program & Security Manager

I wanted to reach out to you all as key leaders of organizations or associations of lifeline components within the state of North Dakota. As identified by FEMA, the lifeline components are as follows:

  • Safety & Security
  • Food, Water, Shelter
  • Health & Medical
  • Energy (Power & Fuel)
  • Communications (Including Finance)
  • Transportation
  • Hazardous Materials

I have been assigned as the outreach coordinator to ensure an open line of communications is available for our key partners in the lifeline components. My intent is to ensure that if you have any questions, concerns or ideas as we respond and recover from the Covid-19 pandemic; you have a point of contact to represent you in the state’s Unified Command. I may have already reached out to many of you, and I hope either I or one of the other representatives in our outreach section will be in touch at least once per week. We may not have the answers you need at hand, but we will look to find the answers you are looking for from within our network of connections. In addition to ensuring you have a point of contact with the state, I also want to help minimize requests for information from your organization by identifying duplicate requests you may be receiving.

As part of the outreach strategy, I have created a ND Critical Lifelines Situation Room within the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) which can be accessed at the following link: https://share.dhs.gov/ndlifelines/ The situation room is classified as For Official Use Only (FOUO) and access is restricted to approved guests or those who have a HSIN account already established. Within the situation room are what we call our Critical Information Requirements (things we need to know) and a chat room where we can communicate in real time. The room will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday but may increase or decrease due to operation demands. You can obtain a HSIN account at https://www.dhs.gov/how-join-hsin. Once you have requested an account, you may request admittance to the situation room as a guest by emailing or calling me at the contact information provided.

Darin Hanson, Lifeline Outreach Unit Coordinator
701-328-8165 Emergency after hours (701)-226-0900

Tom Dahl
(701) 328-8153

Gary Christianson

Going forward, I would ask that you let me know if there are other means of communication that you would like to see me implement to ensure that our state response is meeting the needs of your organizations. While our team may not have the answers immediately, we will do our best to get you answers as soon as possible. Further information on what specifically the Unified Command needs from your individual lifelines is available within the situation room or by request.

Thank you for your help in the fight against this pandemic. Working as a team, we will win this battle and get the lives of our stakeholders and the citizens of the state back to normal.

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