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Senate Approves Rosenworcel’s Reappointment

Fifth seat remains open as Sohn nomination awaits action

The first woman to lead the Federal Communications Commission as its chair is Jessica Rosenworcel. She has been reconfirmed to the FCC by the U.S. Senate.

CNBC reports the vote was 68 to 31.

Her term was set to expire shortly; and because the commission is already down one member, the prospect that Rosenworcel would not be reconfirmed raised the possibility of a commission with a Republican majority despite a Democratic administration holding the White House.

The nomination of Gigi Sohn for the remaining seat is having a rougher go, and until she or another candidate is confirmed, the commission will consist of two Democrats and two Republicans, which most observers believe means the FCC must limit itself to relatively uncontroversial actions for now.


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